Monday, 24 May 2010

Artweeks 2010!

I have just had my annual exhibition during the Oxfordshire Artweeks Festival. I exhibited with Alison this year and sharing the space worked out brilliantly. I had my sculptures along the back wall and Alison's stuff was dotted about everywhere!

These are my squashy worlds. I have typed up my writing about each one cos I like the way Jesus let His desciples in on what His stories were all about. I don't think we should always live in mystery.

1. Lost [below]

Recycled materials, stuffing, yarn, plastic games counters, second-hand banana stand, illusion cord

January 2010


Perhaps I was watching too many episodes of 'Lost', the popular Channel 4 show... Or perhaps I was just mystified by how lost we can still be even after we have been found by God. The idea of being saved as a daily occurance and not just a one off event takes some getting used to. But taking those first few steps towards God instead of hiding was the best move I ever made. When I was estranged from God and my life was a mess I was very alone, but once I believed that Jesus was my way back to God, I became part of a family, with God as our Father. I am not alone anymore, but I am still lost in many areas of my life. I am so thankful that He who began a good work in me will carry it on to completion.

2. Surrender [below]
Recycled materials, leather, wire, stuffing, second-hand wooden statue
February 2010

When we are trying to live by the Truth we often bump up against uncomfortable situations where the Truth we profess to believe does not appear to be evident. Our faith is tested and we can react in many ways. We may make excuses for God, not realising it's something He never needs us to do, or we may brush the whole problem under the rug, something which never makes it go away. I am learning to trust in God's goodenss even when I don't understand. I am learning to surrender.

3. The Door [below]
Recycled materials, stuffing, felt, wire, beads, cotton trim, second-hand wooden statue
March 2010

My response to Holmon Hunt's painting, 'Light of the Word'. In his painting, the door at which Jesus is knocking is the door of the human heart with no handle on the outside, only on the inside, signifying Jesus can only come into a person's heart if they open up and let Him in. This symbolic painting has been used again and again in my hearing and I just wanted to humbly add my own message. There are times, when I listen to people still struggling out of their hiding places, that I wonder not whether they will open the door, but where is the door? And how will Jesus negotiate the many seemingly impregnable fences they erect around their hearts. Thankfully, He has already anticipated this when He said in John 10 "I tell you the truth, I am the gate."

4. Holy Trinity and us [below]
Recycled materials, stuffing, felt, wire, yarn, second-hand Playmobil and Duplo
April 2010

I sometimes forget what my destiny is in this life. I will go after other stuff which I think is good and will help others and may make me a better Christian. Then I remember. My destiny is to become more like Jesus. I like to keep things simple. I know when I'm getting unhappy and anxious it's because I've forgotten the simple stuff and made things too complicated. Or else I'm trying to get more like Jesus without the Holy Spirit, which just makes me tired and cross. So this is it, folks: our mission. It may look like a bunch of plants and a steaming pile of horse poo to you, but that's the beauty of parables. I love the way Jesus presented Truth wrapped in a story. Because Truth does not always look like facts and figures. Truth can be poetry and pictures as well. So if we are the seedlings and Jesus is the cauliflower, the Holy Spirit is the manure we need to become cauliflowers. And God? God is the gardener of course!

5. Spiritual Warfare [below]
Recycled materials, stuffing, yarns, beads, borrowed cup and saucer
May 2010
£45 (cup and saucer not for sale)

Life is a battle. Following Jesus doesn't mean your life is easy. But it means you've got Someone fighting for you and with you all the time. Emmanuel, God with us, is always right next to us to help us with the battles we are facing. And we can be certain that Jesus is far above all rule and authority, power and dominion, and every title that can be given, not only in the present age but also in the one to come. And God placed all things under His feet and appointed Him to be hed over everything. Really, when you look at it like that, the doughnut hasn't got a chance.

As you can see, Timothy Brown thought the show a great success!