Thursday, 8 April 2010

I am having trouble with my cabbages...

These are my attempts at knitting cabbages. The cauliflower looks good, I think, and thanks to Jules for suggesting I use different colour strands twisted together, and Jo for suggesting I knit separate leaves for the cabbages, but I'm still not happy with my cabbages. Perseverance is what is needed :-(

My latest squashy world

This is my response to the William Holman Hunt painting titled 'Light of the world'. This painting is often used in speaches about responding to Jesus' knocking on the door of our hearts. There's no door handle - it's on the inside - because we're supposed to let Him in and He ain't gonna force His way in.

This is my squashy world (my third to date) in response to that painting, with the working title of 'When does there get to be a door?'. Because in my experience, the lack of a doorhandle is not a problem when the real question is where is the bloody door? Not only is that the problem, but there is a fence all the way round with no gate. My little brother's suggested Jesus could climb through the window, but I'm not sure how He'd negotiate the fence.. Your comments would be much appreciated!